Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi

Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi can markedly improve your family’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through a raw vegan diet and other lifestyle choices as well as attachment parenting.

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Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi Can Help You Create and Raise Happy, Healthy Children

Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi is an empowering transformational book that will profoundly improve your family’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Karen Ranzi, a mother, eminent lecturer and award-winning author, guides you on the path to creating happy and healthy children, confident of their disease-free future.

Creating Healthy Children Spotlights a Raw Vegan Diet and Other Lifestyle Choices As Well As Attachment Parenting

Rather than medicate your child’s diseases, infections and learning difficulties, Karen Ranzi’s unique and proven approach simply eliminates the causes of health and weight problems through the healthful raw food lifestyle. She conveys the understanding of your child’s biological need to obtain the most nourishment from implementing healthful choices from pregnancy onward. Karen Ranzi also focuses on fulfilling your child’s emotional needs by adhering to attachment parenting principles throughout the growing years.

Discover in Creating Healthy Children, Your Guide for Children’s Health and Attachment Parenting:

  • How can you deal with your child’s overweight/underweight and growth problems?
  • How can children heal from diseases, infections, neurological and learning difficulties?
  • How can a couple plan for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Why is the raw food lifestyle optimal for pregnancy and raising healthy children?
  • What aspects of a healthy lifestyle contribute toward the mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child?
  • What will provide an abundant flow of breast milk for a lactating mother?
  • What are appropriate diets for infants and children?
  • How can you interest older children in the raw food lifestyle?
  • What should you tell your children to do if they get sick?
  • How do vaccinations affect your child’s immune system?
  • Is Vitamin B12 necessary for mothers and children?
  • Is routine circumcision a necessity?

Karen Ranzi has been a leading expert in the field of nutrition and child development for more than two decades. Through her education, life-changing personal experiences and desire to share her message, Karen Ranzi has guided thousands toward developing excellent health.

462 pages. Available in ebook and print formats.

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2 reviews for Creating Healthy Children by Karen Ranzi

  1. T. Colin Campbell

    Karen Ranzi has written a most important book, Creating Healthy Children, that is must reading. The scientific evidence is now clear that a plant-based diet means optimal health, and the sooner young people are started on this diet, the better. The storyline in this book is personal, professional and very, very sensible.

  2. Victoria Boutenko

    Creating Healthy Children is a valuable compilation of research and findings on different aspects of children’s health. Karen Ranzi is an honest researcher and a dedicated mother, and I envision this book being embraced by all loving parents seeking optimum health for their children. Karen’s bold suggestions, sincerity, passion, genuine style and interjection of personal anecdotes make this book a valuable read.

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