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Ball Mason Jars and Mason Jar Accessories

Ball Mason Jars are perfect for holding all kinds of liquids, including water, juices, smoothies and dressings. Mason jar accessories help you boost the functionality of your Ball mason jars.

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Ball Mason Jars and Mason Jar Accessories Are Ideal for Water, Smoothies, Dressings and Salsas

Ball Mason Jars are perfect for holding water, juices, fruit smoothies, green smoothies and even dressings to salsas. Mason jar accessories help you get more mileage out of your Ball mason jars.

I use 64-Ounce Widemouth Ball Mason Jars and 32-Ounce Widemouth Ball Mason Jars to hold all my liquids. Ball Mason Jars are available in a range of other jar sizes and packages.

I used these jars sparingly in my early years on a low-fat raw food diet but now use them almost exclusively, saving plastic bottles for occasional use when I require a rugged bottle. Minimizing our exposure to plastic bottles is a boon for our health. Glass is our best bet to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals such as BPA and other chemicals that will make for the next buzzwords years from now.

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Mason Jar Accessories Help Expand Functionality of Ball Mason Jars

Ball Mason Jars, which are freezer-safe, come with silver lids and bands. I like to use Ball Widemouth Plastic Storage Caps, however, because silver lids and bands rust easily. These plastic caps, which come off easily and are cleaned easily using a Libman Curved Kitchen Brush, also help keep rust off the lid of the jars. I use a Libman Angled Toilet Bowl Brush and 3M Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pads to clean the jars’ interiors. I use this toilet bowl brush because it’s strong and well-made, with the bristles capable of removing grime from jars and bottles, unlike bottle brushes, made with flimsy bristles that just don’t do the job.

I also like using Mason Jar Lifestyle’s Quart Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jars. These help protect your jars and drink contents—it could be your breakfast, lunch or dinner, after all—from dings and cracks. These sleeves come in a bunch of other sizes and snazzy colors, with my favorite being lemon yellow, which gets me thinking of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” lyrics.


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