50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes by Chris Kendall

50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes by Chris Kendall showcases delectable yet simple and well-combined raw vegan recipes that you can prepare quickly and easily.

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50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes by Chris Kendall Features Simple and Delicious Low-Fat Raw Vegan Recipes

50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes by Chris Kendall, known as a sought-after raw vegan chef in the low-fat raw food diet world, delivers well-combined raw food recipes with none of the salt, oil, irritants and raw junk-food ingredients that are commonplace in many raw recipe books.

50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes is the sequel to Chris Kendall’s 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes.

50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes Will Have You Loving Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Are you ready to enjoy all the incredible health and life benefits of consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables? You’re going to need a solid resource loaded with quick and easy-to-prepare raw recipes you enjoy to the max!

It’s no secret that many folks are too busy and tired to make sound food choices. After all, we live in a fast-paced society, and few want a book packed full of hard-to-make meals that call for several hours of preparation time and pricey equipment, with these meals not giving you the zing you see others on the fruitarian diet exemplifying.

50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes’ Meals Can Be Made With Easy-to-Find Ingredients

From Strawberry Surprise and Sweet n Savory Berry to Olive Pesto Stew and Chai my Chai, you’ll love putting together delicious and nutritious recipes made from ingredients that can be made in mere minutes with ingredients you can find at any market!

Best of all, these recipes utilize proper food combining for optimal digestion and absorption leaving you with the energized light feeling you would expect from our species specific diet.

Available in ebook and print formats.

Watch Chris Kendall’s 50 More Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes Video Preview, Featuring a Raw Vegan Bolognese Recipe Demonstration

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