Here is a list of links, in alphabetical order, to some of my favorite health-minded websites.


Be fruitful and joyful!

Operated by Freelee and Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone, the world’s largest raw vegan social network, featuring a forum and videos, with about 26,000 members as of summer 2014.

Arnold’s Way

Arnold Kauffman of Arnold’s Way posts videos on raw foods and healthful living. As of summer 2014, he had posted more than 1,100 videos.

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CRON-O-Meter records nutrition and health data, including calories.

The Egoscue Method is centered on posture therapy and offers a proven method that gets to the root of chronic pain by returning the body to proper alignment, function and balance. Corrective stretches and exercises will not only alleviate pain but prevent pain and injuries.

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Don Bennett presents highly researched articles every raw fooder and health-minded individual should read. Topics include nutrient scarcity because of modern soils and supplementation.

Formerly of Arnold’s Way, Megan Elizabeth features videos—many quite long and informative—on raw food tips and recipes as well as healthful living.


Explore Andrew Perlot‘s scientifically valid explanations for why a fruit-based diet is best, raw food recipes, advice for getting and staying on the diet and more.

Raw since mid-2009, Paul and Yulia Tarbath present solid articles and videos on a low-fat raw food diet.

Karen Ranzi posts wonderful articles and tips on healthful living, especially on enticing children to consume more fruits and vegetables.


An independent magazine published and edited by Dr. David Klein, Vibrance promotes healthful, essential and ecologically positive products and services, as per the “healthful living” lifestyle tenets taught by Natural Hygiene. Its website also offers a first-rate bookstore and much more!

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