Kalso Earth Shoes a Boon for Posture

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I discovered Kalso Earth Shoes in summer 2005 in an ad in the back of a Rolling Stone issue. I ordered a pair immediately, and from the moment I slipped my feet into my first pair of these shoes, whose company touted improved posture and breathing, I was sold. My body shot up much straighter than I had ever experienced, and I felt some relief from the neck and back pain I had endured for several years.

Comparison of Kalso Earth Shoes and traditional shoes

Kalso Earth Shoes are special because they sport a negative heel that sets the heel slightly lower than the toes. This heel produces the feeling of walking barefoot in sand by positioning the body directly over, not in front of, the frame. Wearing these shoes, which promote a heel strike instead of traditional shoes’ toe strike, has enabled me to walk and run faster than I ever have.

If you think about it, all this solid, flat flooring we walk on—from hardwood floors to concrete sidewalks—isn’t good for our bodies. We’re designed to walk barefoot on softer surfaces such as stick-between-your-toes soil. This lines up perfectly with Anne Kalso’s intent when she developed Kalso Earth Shoes in the late 1960s.

My discovery of Kalso Earth Shoes was one of a few steps along my path to manage chronic pain, and I eventually was led to the Egoscue Method. Performing Egoscue Method E-cises along with completing a regular exercise program—encompassing circuit training using Bodylastics bands, running, practicing vinyasa yoga and rebounding using a Needak rebounder—has helped me reverse chronic pain and turn back the clock physically. Of course, leading a low-fat raw food diet helps the body feel terrific, too!

Sign a Petition to Bring Back Men’s Kalso Earth Shoes

Women's Kalso Earth sneakersBut men such as myself have a big problem these days. I’m talking about men who prefer Kalso Earth Shoes compared with conventional shoes. Kalso Earth Shoes deemed the men’s market too small to continue production beyond fall-winter 2011. Women may choose from dozens of shoe models, but men are forced to eek out the last bit of life in their shoes, something that’s not recommended because well-worn shoes are more likely to cause one injury.

For a while, I commented for the company to bring back men’s shoes every time I saw Kalso Earth Shoes post new women’s shoe models on Facebook. I think it’s time to step up my effort, though, and really put my best foot forward by issuing a clarion call! So I created an iPetition to help other men out there join me in chorus to tell Kalso Earth Shoes loud and clear that we want men’s shoe models back! Please click the box below to sign the petition.

Gals, continue enjoying your Kalso Earth Shoes selections, and if you haven’t tried these shoes, consider giving a pair a trial run. Guys, please join me in helping bring back Kalso Earth Shoes for men.

Apparently, male Kalso Earth Shoes owners are few in number. I’d like to find out how many there are around the globe. I’d like to obtain lots of signatures before I forward the petition to Kalso Earth Shoes. Thanks for your support!


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