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Enjoy 50-plus Fun Food Facts, chock-full of information. Discover where individual raw vegan foods originate from and where they’re grown. Also, learn about the nutrient and macronutrient profiles of these fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

This Fruit-Powered Magazine department focuses on commonly accessible fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, especially raw foods that are ideal on a fruitarian diet.

Fun Food Facts: Your Source for Raw Food Information in a Snapshot

If you’re wanting to know how many calories a piece of commonly available fruit such as bananas contains, which vitamins and minerals are most prevalent in jackfruit and which country grows the most lettuce as well as which U.S. state produces the most watermelon, for example, Fun Food Facts is your source for raw food information in a snapshot!

Click away on these fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and start putting your newfound knowledge into action by enhancing your dietary intake. In no time, you’ll have a grasp on which foods can help you put together your dietary picture so you can excel in all you do!


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