Fruit-Powered Life Force Center

The Fruit-Powered Life Force Center embodies holistic health services offered by Fruit-Powered creator Brian Rossiter, who has pursued optimal health with passion since 2010, learning from scores of wellness leaders in several fields. The Life Force Center was launched in July 2016 with the mission of guiding health seekers in creating supreme vitality through a variety of healing modalities.

life force (n.)

The vital or creative force in all organisms that is responsible for growth and evolution.

The vital principle or animating force within living beings.

We all have a life force, and it’s ours to honor and nurture so we may live the greatest lives we’re capable of.

Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program

Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program by Brian Rossiter

The Life Force Center offers the Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program. I’ve been raw vegan since January 2011 and have led a low-fat raw food diet since spring 2011. I have been wholly low-fat raw vegan since February 2012. I am equipped to help guide those exploring dietary change and transitioning raw fooders. I am a student in the University of Natural Health‘s natural health and holistic nutrition practitioner certification programs, graduating in 2018.

Learn more about the Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program and schedule a session.

Brian is the best I’ve ever seen on this lifestyle on a day-to-day basis! … He’s one of the best in the world!
—Arnold’s Way owner Arnold Kauffman

Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method

Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method featured image

The Life Force Center also offers the Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method. I am able to help guide you to heal yourself of chronic pain through practicing unique, personalized stretches and gentle exercises, which enabled me to reverse a decade of pain. I can also help athletes realign their bodies to help them achieve peak performance as well as prevent injuries. I am a postural alignment specialist certified by Egoscue University.

Learn more about the Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method and schedule a session.

Body Optimization and Strain Release Technique

Finally, come 2019, the Life Force Center will also offer the Body Optimization and Strain Release Technique. This remarkable therapeutic approach improves brain function and releases strain, recent as well as tightness held since as far back as in utero. I received training in Craniosacral Fascial Therapy in April 2016 by the creator of this healing modality, Dr. Barry Gillespie, who combined craniosacral therapy and myofascial release work. I will soon earn the required massage license so I may practice this therapy.

A Snapshot of the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center’s Holistic Health Services

  • Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program
    • Student in the University of Natural Health’s Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health Practitioner program with specialization in a low-fat raw food diet, also called a fruit-based raw vegan diet.
  • Pain Relief and Postural Alignment Method
    • Postural Alignment Specialist certified by Egoscue University
  • Body Optimization and Strain Release Technique
    • Trained in Craniosacral Fascial Therapy by creator Dr. Barry Gillespie
    • Note: Offering available in 2019

If you have any questions about the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center’s offerings, please contact me! owner's®
Created, published and edited by Brian Rossiter. Read more.
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