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Fruit-Powered Digest: October 2012

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Issue 1 Articles

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Telling Stories and Sharing Revelations of Struggles, Triumphs and Growth

Hello, readers. Welcome to the first issue of Fruit-Powered Digest! In this monthly raw food e-magazine, which presents a rotating mix of profiles, interviews, tips, recipes, food features and more, I hope to inform and inspire all of you, no matter where you are on your raw food journey.

I hope to turn the curious on to a low-fat raw food lifestyle by highlighting the feats of others leading the way. I hope to propel those struggling with their transitions to find the resolve to move forward via insight from another or a tip that proves to be as golden as the ripest banana. I hope to satisfy those who’ve been thriving in this lifestyle for a while by sharing colorful stories about fruits and vegetables and recipes that tantalize their taste buds.

In profiles and interviews, the centerpiece of Fruit-Powered Digest, I want to tell the stories of those who are making serious strides in their transitions to raw food lifestyles and those who’ve been leading raw vegan lives for years or decades. Their revelations of struggles, triumphs and growth will appeal to us all, I’m sure. I want to tell the stories of those who’ve dropped pound after pound while embracing fruits and vegetables and exercise as if their lives depended on them. I want to tell the stories of those who’ve stood up to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other health challenges and shouted back their will to live and heal—and then thrived for the first time in their lives!

Desarae Jeter in Clark Park in West Philadelphia

And so, in this inaugural issue of Fruit-Powered Digest, I am happy to tell the story of Desarae Jeter of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I met Desarae in May 2011 at the first of the monthly potlucks I attended at the raw food café Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. For several weeks in summer and fall 2011, Desarae was my produce buddy. We’d carpool to a place in Philadelphia selling “seconds,” or second-rate fruits and vegetables early Saturday mornings. Desarae went raw in December 2010, and by fall 2011, she was shedding the final 60 to 65 of the 100 pounds she lost through healthful lifestyle choices. The “seconds” place closed, but Desarae and I continue to be fixtures at Arnold’s Way potlucks, enjoying health-minded company and helping others however we can.

I hope you enjoy this issue, which comes out on World Vegetarian Day and two years to the day when I went vegan.

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