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Fruit-Powered Digest: May 2013

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Green Nature Café and Arnold’s Way Potlucks; Refreshed Website

Hello, readers. Ohio is hungry to learn about vegan and raw food! This message came across loud and clear when about 35 people packed the back room of The Green Nature Café in Clayton on April 27 for what might become the first of a regular series of potlucks. Anna Chmielewska of and I served as the night’s speakers, highlighting how eating a low-fat raw food diet has changed our lives and how it can benefit the café’s patrons.

Brian Rossiter talks about the benefits of a raw food diet at The Green Nature Café.
Anna Chmielewska prepared nine meals—including Sushi Rolls with Ginger, Tahini & Lemon Paste and Choco-Maca Coconut-Covered Fudge Rolls—for The Green Nature Café’s first potluck dinner. Look for recipes in Anna’s book, Things You Can Do with Buckwheat in a Raw Kitchen.

The Green Nature Café offers a concept that bridges different diets by offering an all-vegan, mostly raw menu. Smoothies, juices and raw main courses such as nachos, sunflower burger and veggie pizza with a buckwheat crust dominate the menu choices, but five cooked, whole-food items such as hummus and a baked falafel sandwich also find a place on the menu. The result is a setting perfect for those exploring vegan as well as raw foods to enjoy meals they’re comfortable with on their health journeys.

The potluck took a page out of the Arnold’s Way playbook by generating a kind of community spirit. After the New family, which owns the café, introduced themselves, all patrons had an opportunity to introduce themselves and explain why they attended.

I’ve attended almost every potluck at Arnold’s Way the past two years and hosted the April 20 event in place of owner Arnold Kauffman, who enjoyed a rare night off. This particular potluck was among my favorites. I enjoyed learning the story of Jason Young of Atlantic City, New Jersey, who embarked on his raw journey with a 65-day juice fast. On this fast and a raw food diet, Jason lost 140 pounds, slimming to a trim 160 pounds, and gained a whole new, exciting life. I’m happy to bring you a glimpse of his insights in the next Fruit-Powered Video.

Freelee photographed in 2013
Freelee and Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone are lead promoters of Raw Till 4.

In this month’s Fruit-Powered Digest, I’m excited to present a profile on Freelee, guest story written by Victoria Everett and interview with Charlie Abel. These three individuals are leaders in the raw food movement, having transformed their lives on a fruit-based diet. Freelee contributes a recipe, and Charlie, an exercise tip, in this issue.

Finally, I couldn’t be more thrilled to invite you to click around the refreshed, designed and developed by the talented Anna Chmielewska! This site offers streamlined navigation and an improved store, creating what I think is a richer visitor experience. I hope you enjoy the retooled look of Fruit-Powered Digest as well!

Preview of the April 2013 redesign

P.S.: Sarah wrote me after reading Issue 7 of the Digest:

I just got a chance to read your newsletter—what a great issue! I particularly liked the part where Dave was saying how food doesn’t need to be super fancy, complex or decadent to do its job. … I’m also seriously beginning to consider adding a green smoothie to my morning routine.

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    I just am getting caught up on your emails now — your site looks GREAT! really nice work — high fives to both you & anna! I like the quote of the week feature you’re running now too; the Anthony Douglas Williams quote made my day 🙂

    hope all is well in your world!

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