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Fruit-Powered Digest - greetings - spring-summer 2019
2019 Fruit-Powered Digest Issues Issue 53

Fruit-Powered Digest Greetings—Spring–Summer 2019

Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered Digest

Rising from the Ashes and Feeling of Gratitude

Hello, readers. This spring-summer 2019 issue, Issue 53, marks the first Fruit-Powered Digest issue to be published in a year. Exactly one year ago today, I was separated from my beloved cat, Inky, a.k.a. “Little Moo,” of 18 years and lost everything I owned except my car, Chromebook, phone and clothes on my back when a fire wrecked my rental cottage. I faced a number of other hardships and share in this issue’s In Season story, “Dark Night of the Soul Yields to Emotional Release,” some modalities that have helped get me out of the deep hole I was in, at least in some respects. I hope you’ll find them helpful as well!

I want to take a moment to thank the folks who supported me through my GoFundMe campaign. I raised just less than half the money I was hoping to, based on the amount of money I lost in destroyed possessions, and was able to buy back very quickly some of the exercise, kitchen and tech equipment this health nut considers vital to his life. In the hardest year of my life, I am grateful to have received support in this way. Thank you!

Time off Leads to Sharpened Focus, Website Improvements and Digest Publication Schedule Change

After the fire and a shingles outbreak that affected my vision, I was simply unable to get back to publishing Fruit-Powered Digest for many months. I used this time off to reassess how I want to help people through Fruit-Powered. I’m devoting most of my time and energy to building my Fruit-Powered Life Force Center, home of my Raw Vegan Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method. It’s my goal to work one on one with health seekers, guiding them in the finest diet and exercise programs available. If you and/or loved ones are seeking guidance in these two critical health areas, I’d be honored to serve as your holistic health coach. With these natural health services, I can work with anyone anywhere through video chat.

When my left eye was able to handle more time in front of a computer screen, I got to improving The biggest change is that I moved all 100-plus products, complete with revamped product descriptions, from a subdomain to the Fruit-Powered Store, located on my main website. For technical reasons beyond my understanding, the old store was saddled with ebook email delivery issues, but I’m happy to report this new store is running well. Come and explore all the wonderful products available. The store is growing by the month, so check back for the latest items!

If you click around my website, you’ll see buttons such as on the Raw Vegan Recipes page. (Did you know that you can now sort recipes by ingredient by pressing the ingredient buttons?) These buttons are designed to help website visitors using mobile devices. A friend who’s a marketing guru once said: “People like to press buttons. They do!” I took this to heart and started adding buttons, recognizing that every year, the percentage of mobile website users climbs. It’s truly easier to press a button on a phone screen than a text link.

I’m working on a number of other improvements, especially in regard to design, uniformity and expanding the website’s audience. These changes will take time because this website, including all the Fruit-Powered Store product pages, has ballooned to about 1,000 pages.

Finally, Fruit-Powered Digest will now be published in 12-story spring-summer and autumn-winter issues. I have long enjoyed publishing this magazine and am thankful to everyone who’s contributed to it, who’s read it and who’s shared it. But I can no longer make the tremendous time investment involved in producing free quarterly issues. This spring-summer 2019 issue runs north of 25,000 words, two-thirds the length of my 170-plus-page first book, Alive! It is a lot of work.

Kitty Ghen Dives into Neuro Emotional Technique

This issue’s Closeup interview is with Kitty Ghen, who offers personal development and health services to Greater Philadelphia residents. Her specialty is Neuro Emotional Technique, and I’ve been privileged to have enjoyed NET sessions with Kitty Ghen. If you live within driving distance of her Lansdale, Pennsylvania, office, you owe it to yourself to work with one of the world’s top Neuro Emotional Technique practitioners. She is simply sensational! Enjoy “Neuro Emotional Technique Has the Power to Set You Free.”

Charley and Jesi’s Hours-Long Musical Performances

Jesi DiPalo came through for me and all Fruit-Powered Digest readers in a huge way with her Spotlight story, “Fruit Sparkplugs Charley and Jesi for Marathon Musical Performances.” Jesi DiPalo is so on the ball that she delivered her epic, deeply inspiring story on a short deadline after someone bailed on me two weeks past deadline. I am grateful for this talented singer and musician, who likes to think that a low-fat raw food diet has turned her into Superwoman. She is! When you read this story, you’ll understand why! 🙂

David Klein’s Fruiticulture Vision

Dr. David Klein has a beautiful vision to save the world, and it’s called Fruiticulture. In his latest Lessons from the Orchard story, “Fruiticulture Is the Key to Ending Hunger, Poverty, Disease, Pollution and Wars,” an excerpt from Fruiticulture: Planting a World to End Hunger, Poverty, Pollution & Wars, penned with Don Weaver, get moved by this grand plan and all its components.

Tarah Millen on Her Physical Fitness Journey

Tarah Millen has made some serious strides in health and working out in recent time, and “Physical Fitness Is a Cornerstone of Living Healthfully” is her latest The Raw Food Journey story. Learn about Tarah Millen’s discoveries about how important exercise is to top-flight health and enjoy her discussing her evolving program of physical activities.

Anne Osborne on Learning the ins and outs of a Fruit Diet

In her latest The Fruitful Path story, “Have Faith in the Fruit Diet,” Anne Osborne writes about becoming learned on the particulars of a fruit diet. Anne Osborne shares some of her favorites books and offers recommendations for folks so that they may enjoy success, just as she has, on this diet. She is one of the world’s longtime fruitarians and highlights how education on this lifestyle translates into confidence when talking about it with others.

Mango Wodzak on ‘Coquism’

Mango Wodzak is one of the world’s few ethical fruitarians, eating fruit and only fruit. This wise and longtime fruitarian has joined Fruit-Powered Digest as a regular contributor, and in his first Eden Fruitarianism piece, “Introducing ‘Coquism,'” he coins a new term. Mango Wodzak recently published his latest book, 2020 Vision: Veganism ++, which is a phenomenal read, and this article is an excerpt from the book. I was honored to have written the book’s foreword.

Brian Rossiter on Standing up Straight

In Brian Rossiter’s Raw Food and Health story, “Achieve Proper Standing Posture with a Posture Exercises Method Practice,” I make a pretty bold statement: Almost no one can stand straight with optimal joint alignment and posture. So many folks suffer from compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain—all of which holds them back from participating in life—yet few are even aware of the problems in their own bodies. I want to straighten out the world!

TJ Long’s Touching Raw Vegan Transformation Story

TJ Long and I connected right before the fire stormed my cottage. This extraordinary man was next on my list for a Raw Vegan Transformations story package, and this had to wait a year, but it’s so worth it! “TJ Long Overcomes Addictions on a Raw Food Diet” is a powerful read, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself feeling satisfaction for TJ Long over what he’s managed to accomplish. Also enjoy “TJ Long’s Top 5 Tips for Staying Raw Vegan in a Cold Climate” and his recipe, “Mango-Peach-Orange Smoothie.”

Invest in Gold, the Only True Money in This World

Lastly, if you’re looking for a better way to save money or to invest your fiat currency in gold or to get in on the best cryptocurrency on the planet, I’m inviting you to explore Karatbars. Karatbars launched as a gold-buying company in 2011, offering gold in small denominations, with one-tenth of a gram and a full gram of gold, for example, being embedded into paper bills and plastic cards to help people accumulate wealth through gold without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars all at once.

The company has since launched the gold-backed KBC and KCB cryptocurrency coins. Investors who got in by mid-June 2018 have multiplied their investment by nine times already, as of this writing, and these are just the first spurts of water to come out of a hose about to be turned on full force, to paraphrase what one investor says. The company has pledged for 100 KBC coins to be worth 1 gram of gold come July 4, 2019, and this represents 40 times the investment of folks who got in by mid-2018.

Karatbars is working to bring gold to the world to end people’s reliance on fiat currency, lots of which isn’t backed by anything at all except public trust. In the United States, for example, former President Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard in 1971, and dollars are printed virtually out of thin air, with many countries around the world increasingly losing faith in the dollar. Karatbars is set to launch an Android–iOS-in-one phone that works not via cell phone towers but blockchain technology, and it’s also bringing special ATM machines for use with its currencies to large cities, both this year.

Learn all about this game-changing currency company by joining a Zoom meeting Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Contact me if you want help setting up a Karatbars account or for me to connect you with an expert.

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Brian Rossiter

Brian Rossiter

Editor of, Fruit-Powered Digest and Fruit-Powered Video, Brian Rossiter guides health seekers in creating supreme vitality through the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center’s natural health services: the Posture Exercises Method and Raw Vegan Coaching Program. Brian, who enjoys a low-fat raw food diet and posture correction exercises and calisthenics, is also the author of the raw food transition and recipe books Alive!, A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ’n’ Salads and the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series. These books are available in the Fruit-Powered Store, home to 100-plus natural health products.

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