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April 2014 Fruit-Powered Digest greetings
Issue 19—April 2014
2014 Fruit-Powered Digest Issues Issue 19

Fruit-Powered Digest Greetings—April 2014

Issue 19 Articles

Hello, readers. In the Northeast United States, spring is here and finally warming us with some short-sleeve-weather days! I am jazzed about this as I put my head in a focused space to wrap up four recipe books in the next few weeks. These books feature recipes from 10 of the world’s leading low-fat raw vegans—and some of my favorites! They are perfect for those exploring healthier food options, those transitioning to raw food diets and full-fledged fruitarians who’d like some fun, simple and delicious recipes! More to come on the Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series soon!

Dan McGrogran and the Nucleus Raw Foods crew visits Arnold's Way with Arnold Kauffman and Brian Rossiter

Dan McGrogan, who I shot a Fruit-Powered Video interview with in early February, came back to the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw vegan café Arnold’s Way this week—this time with his Nucleus Raw Foods crew—to share how well Luzerne, Pennsylvania, has responded to his café’s healthful offerings. Put it this way: Nucleus Raw Foods is expanding by 500 square feet after being open just six weeks! Dan will share a transformation story about his raw food journey and a separate story about opening Nucleus Raw Foods in June in Fruit-Powered Digest. Several members of the Arnold’s Way community are repaying the visit with our first trip to Nucleus Raw Foods soon.

Closeup of Joy KingThis month in the Digest, I profile Joy King, who I met in summer 2011 at Arnold’s Way, a community to which Joy will return in a couple of months. Joy has overcome many health challenges on a low-fat raw food diet and also found herbs helped her on her journey to health. Read Joy’s story—and check out her contributed recipe and tips—to find out what this happy, healthy Portland, Oregon, native with a big heart is planning to do to help others on their paths to recovery.

Esperanza Vite posing in front of flowersAlso this month, Fruit-Powered Digest spotlights Esperanza Vite, who I met in January, when she paid a visit to Arnold’s Way. Right when Es told me her story, which includes eating only grapes for six months so she could heal, I discovered an even greater appreciation for life. Hers is the most moving raw food transformation story of the now 48 told in this e-magazine. Es is a unique individual with many talents, from writing novels and nonfiction to playing guitar and singing. Enjoy her powerful perspective on life’s beautiful treasures.

Dr. David Klein shares his and Dr. Doug Graham‘s views on cacao—and includes his take on toxemia—in his latest Lessons from the Orchard guest story. Dave recently refreshed his website, packed with enlightening information and resources. I’m beyond honored to say my name is included with 23 others on this list: “Fruitarians Who Went Out On a Limb, Shook Trees & Changed the World.”

Finally, I’m also thrilled to announce Anne Osborne has joined the Digest as a regular writer! Look for Anne’s guest stories in four issues a year, beginning soon!

Quick notes, especially if you’re living in or near Greater Philadelphia:

  • I’m following up my Tex-Mex Fiesta class at Arnold’s Way with an Italian Feast class April 24 at 6:30 p.m. Come learn how to make raw vegan versions of pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, and lasagna—plus my new favorite salad, Pizza Salad! You get to taste each of these incredibly appetizing meals! Call 215–361–0116 to reserve your seat.
  • I’m giving four recipe classes at 1 p.m. Saturdays in July at Chef Wendy Landiak’s Shankara Vegan Restaurant and Organic Juice Bar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. These four classes will tie in with the launch of my four-volume recipe book series! Free yourself of any health challenges and come to learn how to make a variety of tantalizing recipes. Call or text Wendy at 484–330–6405 to sign up for these classes. More details coming soon!

Flier for July 2014 recipe classes at Shankara

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

You can help Fruit-Powered Digest be a bright light—and have a hand in changing the world one person, one fellow living creature and one parcel of land at a time! Please support this e-magazine by making a donation—large or small! Thanks so much for your donation!

Alive-Brian-Rossiter-BannerMy raw food transition book, Alive!, is designed to help anyone go raw in four simple steps. You’ll also enjoy more than 25 raw food recipes—from smoothies such as Raspberry Shake to main courses such as Pizza Salad—tool recommendations, tips and tricks, a focus on fitness and insight from raw fooders such as Arnold Kauffman and Megan Elizabeth. My new raw food primer, A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n’ Salads, offers a fun, easy and exciting way for anyone on any diet to get their feet wet with raw food enjoying two staple recipes on a low-fat raw vegan’s menu: smoothies and salads.

P.S.: I received these nice e-mails with positive comments from readers.

Heidi says:

I love your website and the value it adds to my life (as well as so many others!)

My friend Sandie wrote me after chewing on the March 13 installment:

I enjoyed this read today. … I’ve been enjoying my vegan diet immensely. I’m in my seventh month of being vegan. I am still trying to encourage others to eat vegan as well. … I really admire how long you have gone eating raw foods. So fabulous for you!

Amy wrote me after reading the March 20 Digest installment:

This is a great newsletter! Thank you!


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Brian Rossiter

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