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Fruit-Powered Digest: August 2013

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Raw Class at Longview Farm and Market; Prepping for Raw Experience 3 Festival; Contributions from Dr. David Klein

Raw Experience 3 Festival logoHello, readers. Summer’s blazing forward, and I’ve been thrilled to help spread the word about a fruit-based raw food diet. Last month, Anna Chmielewska of and I taught a raw food recipe demonstration class at Longview Farm & Market in Worcester, Pennsylvania. Now, we’re prepping for the Raw Experience 3 festival at the raw food café Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and I’m making one of my favorite meals: Pepper Pizza with Savory Marinara Sauce and Avocado “Cheese.”

Arnold Kauffman writes about his experience putting together large-scale festival events, including Raw Experience 3 on August 3, in this Fruit-Powered Digest issue, which is bursting with inspiring, informative material!

Harley Johnstone, a.k.a. "Durianrider," photographed running and cyclingI’m excited to present to you a profile on Harley Johnstone, known as “Durianrider” in the raw food world, and tips and a recipe from the athlete and video star. Harley’s videos on counting calories turned on a bright bulb in my head more than two years ago, and his vocal support of Dr. Doug Graham‘s The 80/10/10 Diet led me to the landmark book. Speaking of Dr. Graham, I’m glad to share with you an interview I conducted with the raw food pioneer in early July. Dr. Graham answers 24 questions, focusing on him, 80/10/10 and other topics.

An apple and pear against rustic backgroundAnother raw food pioneer, Dr. David Klein, who I profiled in Issue 7 of Fruit-Powered Digest, shares the first of his regular Lessons from the Orchard contributions to this e-magazine. The digestion expert writes about food combining and peak digestion this month. Also, look for Dave’s books Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s and Digestion Perfection with the Vegan Healing Diet Plan in the Fruit-Powered store—all his books will be available in the coming weeks! Plus, check out my story in Issue 9 of Dave’s dynamite raw food e-magazine, Vibrance!

Megan Sherow in a composite photographI’ve had the fortune of tuning in to many folks’ recoveries from health conditions such as obesity and diabetes online and at Arnold’s Way potlucks, but when I met Megan Sherow on Thanksgiving, I realized instantly that hers is the best raw food comeback story I had ever read or heard about. It still is. This sensational young woman from Central New Jersey has a bright future, and she looks in her rearview mirror for a moment to tell the story of her journey. She also shares some of her varied talents with us.

An eagle soars in flightLike with Matthew David, I’m always happy to learn about what Joshua Duncan is up to. Josh has shared stories of his worldwide travels at Arnold’s Way potlucks, and for this Digest he writes about cultural detoxification. Jason Young, who contributed a colorful, mesmerizing story about his raw food journey in Issue 9, writes this month about how he caved for cooked vegan pizza one night—and found renewed inspiration from a beautiful creature. Jason discusses how we all need help and support at times.

Anna Chmielewska takes pause on her special series on meditation while designing an exciting new raw food recipe book. If you missed her stories so far, start with This Is My Meditation and then check out Ways to Meditate—Even with a Busy Life.

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