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Fruit-Powered Digest: April 2016

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Issue 40 Articles

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A Revamped Digest Schedule; Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Training; Anastasia Voss’ Wonderful Journey; Don Bennett on the Fruits of a Fruit-Based Diet

Hello, readers! It’s sprrriiinnng here in Greater Philadelphia! I am enthused about the imminent return of warm weather and greater availability of some favorite fruits such as my beloved watermelon! I’ll bet you are as well!

In my January greetings column, I note that I’m in school, studying the Egoscue Method and craniosacral fascial therapy (read my story on a CFT seminar I completed over the weekend) as well as earning a dual certification from the University of Natural Health in holistic nutrition and natural health. My studies will command much of my time over the next two-plus years. I can also offer some sessions online.

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I discovered in January and February, however, just how challenging it is to juggle a workload that’s ballooned to beyond my capacity. So I concluded I must cut back on the volume of stories I’m publishing in Fruit-Powered Digest. For the second half of its fourth year of publication, which runs through September, the Digest will publish 10-story issues, split into five-story installments running the first and third Thursdays of April, May, July and August.

You can still expect to see Raw Vegan TransformationsCloseup interviews, Raw Vegan Tips, Raw Vegan Recipes, feature and arts stories, and Fruit-Powered Fun Food Facts. You can also still expect to see guest stories from Don Bennett, Arnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Tarah MillenAnne OsborneKaren Ranzi and Brittany Taylor—plus look for contributions from new Digest guest writer Alicia Grant, whose work resonates with me deeply, starting in August.

My roots in the health movement are expanding, and my role as a health educator is growing. These changes to the Digest reflect my desire to serve health seekers in a variety of healing modalities I’ve been fortunate to have discovered along my journey. I look forward to seeing some of you online and in person to help you create supreme vitality!

Anastasia Voss raises a green smoothie in a glassAnastasia Voss is featured in this issue’s transformation story, the 98th published since the Digest launched in October 2012. Anastasia has enjoyed some wide-ranging experiences, running her first marathon in Norway and fasting for 32 days. She’s overcome some health challenges and found purpose and love on a raw diet. Anastasia recently launched a recipe book, The AnastasiaRaw Uncook Book, and is quite active with her YouTube channel, AnastasiaRaw. Enjoy her profile story and, in the April 21 installment, her top tips and recipe!

Elderly couple pours smoothiesDon Bennett reflects on the passing of his uncle, who reached 100 years of age, by looking forward, at his future health. In “The Fruits of Eating Fruit,” Don writes: “Since we’re all going to have a last 10 years of our life, and since each of those 3,650 days will have us experiencing a certain quality of life, doesn’t it just make good sense to invest in our future health? No one thinks twice about the concept of investing for your future finances, but hardly anyone gives thought to the concept of investing for their future quality of life.”

On April 21, look for in the second half of the Digest‘s April issue:

  • A special interview with Dr. David Klein on food combining
  • A fruit festival roundup
  • A guest story by Anne Osborne
  • Anastasia Voss’ top tips and a recipe

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