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In its fifth year of publication, Fruit-Powered Digest is a free natural health lifestyle e-magazine with a focus on raw food. This publication presents In Season pieces, In Focus interviews, Spotlight features and inspiring, informative Transformations in the form of Profiles, Interviews and In First Person guest stories from folks around the world who changed their lifestyle to benefit the planet, other creatures and themselves. The Digest also brims with Top Tips, Recipes and more!

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A publication delivered in e-mail installments, Fruit-Powered Digest additionally features Insight from Raw Leaders, regular guest stories by these leading voices in the health community: Brian RossiterDon Bennett, Alicia GrantArnold Kauffman, Dr. David Klein, Tarah MillenAnne OsborneKaren Ranzi and Paul and Yulia Tarbath.

The Digest comprises 10-story quarterly issues published in, starting with the first month of its publication cycle, the first Thursday of the following months: October, January, April, and July.

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